North Wilts & District Youth & Minor Football League

League Officers

Name Role Tel 1 Tel 2
Ade Povey (Ref Liaison) Referee Liaison     
Amy Lewis (Respect) Respect officer     
Andrew Ratcliffe (Chairman) Fixtures secretary U17/18     
Ant Farrar (League Secretary) Vice Chairman     
Colin Nunn (Ref Secretary) Referee secretary     
Debbie Guyatt (Results) Results Secretary     
Don Rogers (President) President     
Gerald Kent (Registrations) Fixtures secretary U7- U9     
Jo Ratcliffe (Registrations) Registrations Secretary U11 – U18     
Lee Morris (Cup Secretary) Cup Secretary     
Martin Siddle Web & IT     
Pat Butler (Treasurer) Treasurer     
Steve Hillier (Respect) Respect Monitor     

North Wilts Youth & Minor District League

Welcome to the home of the North Wilts Youth & Minor District League.



The League provides organised football for children between the ages 7 and 18 and is one of the largest leagues in the UK. Since its formation, back in 2003, the League has been recognised locally and nationally as one of the leading leagues in the country and has been at the forefront of many of the FA’s initiatives

For the coming season there will be 360 individual teams in the League operating across 40 separate divisions 


2014 /15 Season

With the current season coming to an end its time to start planning for the 2014 / 15 season.

Any club wishing to participate in the North Wilts Youth & Minor District League for the forthcoming season needs to complete and return an application form.

Forms have already been sent out to all existing member clubs but if you are a new club interested in joining or an existing club that has not yet received their application form please contact Ant Farrar, League Secretary on 07810565220.

Clubs are reminded that as per the new rules the boundary for clubs participating in the league has been reduced from 50 miles to 30 miles from Swindon town center. Any existing club that is based outside the 30 mile radius will have “Grandfather” rights to continue playing within the League until such time as they decide to leave.

No fees are required at this point, invoices will be sent in due course but the deadline for applications is by the close of play on 30th April.

Clubs are also reminded that the cut-off date for any suggestions for the league rules needs to be sent to me on the 30th of April.

Thanks for your cooperation

Ant Farrar